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Collins Everett Supercenter

Collins Everett Supercenter

Workplace A+D was proud to work on another project with BE Aerospace  (now Collins Aerospace) Co-located with Boeing’s largest production facility and assembly operations, this new flexible-cell manufacturing and engineering site brought together multiple divisions of BE Aerospace including galleys, emergency oxygen systems and lavatories. Using planning guidelines and standards previously developed by Workplace A+D, this facility includes a 65,000 SF office area for 375 engineers and division management, as well as work areas though the production and assembly areas .A unique challenge on this project was the use of high-bay space for the office environment, with delivery of power and data from upper trusses with custom-designed overhead grid system. Semi enclosed spaces in the open plan for managers and conference rooms were designed for flexibility even with the challenge of local seismic codes.


Collins Aerospace


Everett, WA


Furniture Specification, Interior Design, Programming

Project Type

Industrial, Office

Project Size

204,750 SF

Completion Date