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A core principle to our firm is research. The market data informs our designs and benefits our clients.

We hope you enjoy reading about our latest projects and research findings.

Changing Perspectives — Designing via Partnerships

Design Partnerships with National Accounts As the COVID19 pandemic sweeps through our country and the world, corporations are busy determining their strategic approaches to business continuity, particularly as states begin entering into the restart phase and employees begin returning to the office. As an architecture and design firm, we are uniquely positioned to assist our… Read more »

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Restarting Your Workplace

Where To Start Workplace Architecture + Design has worked with many of the leading corporations and institutions locally and nationally in the design of their high-performance work environments. Since we are familiar with their layouts and design, we also know that many of our clients will be facing new challenges responding to Covid 19 as… Read more »

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The Inside Story of How Studio Creativity Thrives

By Rachael Schmid The power of a well-designed workspace isn’t exactly news. But for the employee who shows up to work at a brand-new workspace, there are few things more impactful on day-to-day quality of life. In the last 20 years, roughly 30,000 individuals in The Triad Region have had their workplaces transformed by Workplace… Read more »

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The power of “Design Fixation”

Your first design idea is always the one you feel most confident about. It may not be your best one but you fixate on it anyway. Thirteen professionals from the United Kingdom were asked how to work their way around this “design fixation”, and below are the ideas that they had. What Is “Design Fixation,”… Read more »

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Breakrooms, the Office’s “New” Hangout…

Office breakrooms have always been where an employee goes for coffee in the morning and lunch in the afternoon, but with their outdated designs, no one wanted to stay for an extended amount of time. Now, that’s a thing of the past, because breakrooms are also getting a face-lift when the design for the rest… Read more »

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Powers of 10 – A Story of Inspiration

In 1999, we (Alicia and Peter) toured a special exhibit on Charles and Ray Eames at the Library of Congress – and found inspiration.  Though “Eames” is a well-known name in designer circles, and even in the general public with the recent renewed interest in Post-Modern design, this in-depth retrospective showed how Charles and Ray’s… Read more »

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Balancing “We” and “Me”

This article, written by Steelcase researchers and published in the Harvard Business Review, really addresses the balance between the top two factors for productivity and satisfaction: The ability to do distraction-free solo work Support for impromptu interactions Which are, of course, inherently contradictory.

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Sound Matters

By far, the most informative, unbiased, and useful report EVER on acoustics in the workplace.  This universally relevant topic applies directly to the number one factor influencing employee performance and satisfaction – the ability to do distraction free solo work*.  Be sure to note the “mythbuster” on page 6 about cubicle partition heights… *See “Disproving… Read more »

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Designing a Workplace for Wellbeing

Two great design principles used to achieve the project goal: “How can our environment not just contain how work gets done, but be a catalyst [to evolve] the business?”  Seizing the opportunity to make a cultural and philosophical change interwoven with a consolidation of physical space – many of our clients have leveraged the same… Read more »

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